Have you checked in with your network lately?

If you are like many busy people, contacting folks in your network is a task that can easily drop off the list unless your job responsibilities require it.

Regardless, there are three good reasons to check in with your network contacts every few months or so:

  1. You want them to know your status and what you’re up to: Have you just completed a major project? Been given additional responsibilities? Let key people in your network know that you're alive and well and what your current status is. You want them to think of you if they hear of an interesting job or meet someone you should know.

  2. You want to know their status: Still working in the same place? Same position? If not, what’s changed? Take the time to catch up on the changes and the reasons. They will remember that you asked and that you showed interest.

  3. Maybe they could use your help: If they are in transition, or expect to be, offer to be a resource if you are comfortable doing so. Just listening can be a huge help.

Staying up to date with your key network contacts also means that in the future, should you need their assistance, they will be able to think back to the interest you have shown in them. So you are investing in them, and yourself. Not a bad payoff for a few minutes of your time!