Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson | Career Counselor

Larry began providing career counseling and coaching in the early 1990’s as an outplacement counselor, assisting those affected by large corporate layoffs. Since then he has worked with adults of all ages helping them navigate both the job market and their own discernment about what they want to do. Among the groups he has helped are:

  • Young adults looking for their first full time job

  • Persons of all ages with disabilities

  • Short-term and long-term unemployed

  • Persons with particular barriers to employment, such as gaps in employment, or criminal backgrounds

  • Persons reentering the job market after a break

  • Adults 45 and older who are having trouble finding work in the current economy

Larry’s career includes:

  • 13 years at a large transportation company in a variety of management roles

  • 15 years as an independent consultant working with public and private sector organizations

  • 6 years as a program manager in state government

Larry received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Princeton University, and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering/Transportation Systems from MIT.  More recently, he received his Masters degree in Social Work from Dominican University.  Larry is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Illinois.

Larry now works full time helping people find jobs, change jobs and realize their full potential.