Book Review: I Just Graduated … Now What? By Katherine Schwarzenegger (2014)

The subtitle of this book is “Honest Answers from Those Who Have Been There”.  That pretty much tells you what you will find in the book.

The author interviews 31 different well-known individuals about their college and post-graduation experiences.  In a few cases the subjects only attended college for a short time, or not at all.  All went on eventually to have successful careers, though in many cases not without some bumps in the road.

The author prefaces each story with her own description of how she knows the individual, why she thought it would be important to interview them, and the most important lesson to be taken from their experience.  The individual’s story then follows.

I like this book because you can pick it up when you have time, read one or two stories, and learn something.

Several of my favorite stories are from Anderson Cooper (CNN Correspondent), Sara Blakely (creator of Spanx), and Nicole Williams (LinkedIn and Career expert).  But I would guess you will find your own favorites if you decide to look at this book.

 I picked it up for $3.50 at This Old Book (, my supercool local used bookstore.  You can find a Kindle version for $6.00, and used copies for next to nothing.  Or check your local library.

 I recommend this book if you are at this stage in your journey!